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15 Types of Lead Nurturing Campaigns

    lead nurturing

    Lead nurturing is a powerful feature of marketing automation to engage with people over time in a personalised manner. Despite its name, the uses of lead nurturing encompass the whole customer journey – from awareness, to consideration, decision, purchase and post-purchase.

    There are many different types of lead nurture campaigns and they can also be used for internal purposes, like educating your own teams or on-boarding new employees.

    The examples below are just some of the ways you can use lead nurturing :

    1. Welcome campaign

    Thank people after they subscribe to your email list or download a piece of content, and send a series of related content.

    2. Interest-based campaign

    Send relevant emails based on page views or content downloads.

    3. Event campaign

    Automate the entire event process from invitation, reminder, registration confirmation, to post-event follow up.

    4. Free-Trial campaign

    Notify a sales person when someones signs up for a free trial, send educational content along the way, add the lead in a behaviour-based campaign, and trigger an email a week before the trial expires to encourage to purchase the product or get a a trial extension.

    5. Abandoned shopping cart

    Encourage prospects/customers to complete their purchase if they leave items in their cart.

    6. Re-engagement campaign

    Win back the interest of inactive / un-engaged leads who haven’t opened your emails, visited your website, or clicked links for a period of time.

    7. Promotional campaign

    As your prospects near purchase, send a well-timed promotion or special discount to trigger a purchase.

    8. Lead recycling campaign

    Nurture leads that are passed back from your sales team. Your lead recycle nurtures can be based on the data collected by sales, such as interests and decision time frame to communicate in a relevant fashion and be front-of-mind for when they are ready to buy

    9. Welcome/on-boarding campaign

    Enrol new customers in a welcome campaign with tips and resources that engage and inform, like links to videos, FAQs, how to’s, guides.

    10. Customer training

    Educate your new customers with helpful resources to help them make the most of your product/service.

    11. Renewal campaign

    Automatically reach out to your customers with reminders based on their renewal date.

    12. Customer re-engagement

    Send an email to customers who haven’t purchased in a specific time frame.

    13. Up-selling/cross-selling

    Recommend other products/services or encourage up-sells or add-on.

    14. Net Promoter Score

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of customer loyalty and happiness that asks one single question: «how likely are you to recommend our company » ? Customers rate from 0 to 10, and depending on the score given, they can be categorised as ‘Promoters’, ‘Passive’, or ‘Detractors’. As a follow up you can send different content depending on the categories people are in, to address their needs or concerns.

    15 – New hire induction

    Use your marketing automation for internal purposes, like on-boarding and educating new staff, and nurturing your sales team with new content that they can use to help educate prospects and sell your products and services.

    What types of lead nurturing programs do you use? Share your campaigns and nurture ideas.