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You Know You’re Ready for Marketing Automation When…

    You know you should have implemented Marketing Automation like yesterday. But you’ve been very busy. Now you’re firmly decided to get started because…

    You’re pulling together too many marketing applications. This email system, that landing page platform, this social social tool, and who knows what else.

    You want to really start engaging with your prospects, customers, or members. Not just sending the odd yearly email, but staying connected to your customers every step of the way. To do that, you need more than just an email tool, you need a proper marketing automation tool.

    You want to start tracking all touch points and interactions with your prospects and customers,  not just anonymous website visits data in Google Analytics – you want to understand what each person is doing, from visiting your site, to submitting forms, downloading content, receiving emails, etc

    You have some data you can use to personalise communications, but no efficient way to do it. And with a marketing automation platform, you can gradually acquire new data on your leads through progressive profiling capabilities.

    Your content strategy is mapped to your customer journey and the relevant lifecycle stages, but you find it hard to efficiently distribute and promote your content efficiently, and across channels.

    You have a hard time deciding which leads to pursue and which ones to come back to later. Maybe some Lead Scoring would help.

    You have no real reporting tool, or all your reports are all over the place, giving your very little insights into your marketing efforts.

    You don’t know where your leads are coming from. Are they coming from social media, if so, which network? Are they coming from a Google ad?

    You’re generating a good volume of leads, but many aren’t yet ready to buy. They require nurturing to get them to the point where they’re ready to talk to sales.

    Your sales cycle is complicated and involves multiple touch points with prospects over time.

    You already use most, if not all, of the capabilities of your current email marketing software. And you want to do more than email marketing.

    It’s an eternal fight with your sales team, they want more quality leads and need more insight into what marketing is doing, and vice versa.

    Are you experiencing some of these challenges? What other ‘symptoms’ make you realise you’re ready to upgrade to marketing automation? Share below, and feel free to get in touch to chat about how to overcome these pain points.