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Using Marketo to launch a new brand and run online competitions

Industry: Insurance
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Project overview

Implementing Marketing Automation (Marketo) with an automation strategy and user training to enable our client, an insurance provider, to manage their entire marketing, as well as launch a new brand and run online contests.


  • No tool to effectively manage communications and engage with prospects
  • No ongoing engagement with clients, expect the yearly renewal reminder email
  • No single view of their customers, client data is owned and managed by partner company


  • Marketing automation and CRM strategy consulting
  • Implement Marketo integrated with SugarCRM (multi-brand Marketo implementation for B2B and B2C)
  • Develop and build automated campaigns
  • Marketo training


  • Launched their new B2C brand using Marketo
  • Went live with 1st campaign, capturing leads on a single device (iPad) at a conference and sending an automated follow-up email series
  • Organised a competition to win a car using Marketo